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Call for Papers: Security and Intelligence Studies

publish date : 2019-01-14
Call for Papers: Security and Intelligence Studies
Security and Intelligence Studies (SIS) is an academic journal, whose interests are the research about traditional security, non-traditional security, intelligence and homeland security. We are sincerely welcoming all papers fitting in the issues above. For those who would like to submit papers to SIS, you will be suggested to adopt the regulation about format which SIS defines; SIS has the right to request you to revise your format if the difference is significant. SIS is a double-blind peer review journal; thus, any information or sources which can recognize author will not be permitted in the submitted edition. SIS is an academic journal published in Taiwan, Republic of China; therefore, the published papers shall be written in traditional Chinese. However, for the purposes of internationalization, SIS also publishes those papers written in English.
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