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1.Study on theory and practice of gathering, analyzing and utilizing national security intelligence and anti-intelligence.
2.Study on national security and social security work, e.g. the required regulations and control of intelligence activities, security investigation, reconnaissance, and interaction between security intelligence agencies and the government.
3.Study on the design and institutional function of national security system worldwide.
4.Study on national intelligence organization and its activities.
5.Study on related statutes governing cross-strait relations and interactions.
6.Study on activities of gathering, filing, analyzing, and utilizing intelligence in security and criminal matter.
7.Study on special security protective service, security intelligence collection & analysis and other protective service.
8.Study on China’s ideology, politics, legal system, police, military police, negotiation, foreign relation, military strategy to Taiwan, cross-strait relations, etc.
9.Study on triangular security interaction among U.S., China, and Taiwan..
10.Study on laws supervising national security intelligence.
11.Study on the process of formation, enactment, and enforcement of national security policy.
12.Comparative study on national security system worldwide.
13.Study on border security, human trafficking investigation, and trafficking prevention.
14.Study on cross-strait cooperation to counter crime.
15.Study on international cooperation in crime prevention.
16.Study on terrorism and the strategy of counter-terrorism.
17.Study on public disturbance and crisis management.
18.Study on how to maintain social order during election.
19.Study on strategy of crisis decision-making and management.
20.Study on international drug trafficking, espionage, and transnational organized crime.